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25th National Catholic China Conference

The American Catholic Church and China 

October 4-6, 2013 -  Loyola University Chicago Downtown Campus, Chicago, IL

Keynote Speakers:

Richard Madsen: "The State of the Church in China Today"
Ian Johnson: "Beyond Economic Growth: China's Search for Lasting Values"

Saturday Morning Panels:

1. The Chinese experience of Church in a Global Era
   Rev. Joseph Zhang Wenxi, PhD: Journey Home
   Sr. Lina Rong, PhD: Journeying Deep
   Sr. Clara Zhang Jin Qin: Progress in China: Time for dialogue

2. The American Experience of Church in China
3. The Chinese American Experience of Church
Saturday Afternoon Panels

4. The Experience of other Christian traditions and churches in China
5. Catholic Institutional Presence in China
6. Christian Tourism in China
Sunday Panels on Scholarship and the Church in China:

A. Research Scholarship on Christianity in China
B. Sociology of Religion in China
C. Teaching About Catholicism and Religious History in China

   Jeremy Clarke, SJ, Boston College.
   Anthony E. Clark, Whitworth University.

Note: Detailed Information for 25th National China Conference can be found on our website: usccbconferences. net

Previous Conferences:

24th National Catholic China Conference

co-sponsored by Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western and cultural History
at USF Center for the Pacific Rim
A Chinese Catholic Life of Faith -
Continuing China - U.S. Conversations .
. .

Sept 24-26, 2010 -  OLS Conference Center, Belleville, Illinois

Speakers :

Rev. Joseph Qingtian Xia, Dean of Studies of Liaoning Regional Seminary, China

Sr. Lucy Xu H Zhang, Taiyuan Diocese, Shanxi Province

Ms. Lily Cao, Shanghai Diocese

Rev. Joseph Xia: A Chinese Priest Life of Faith  
Sr. Lucy Zhang: A Chinese Sister Life of Faith  
Lily Cao: A Chinese Catholic Life of Faith    
Joseph Hongcai Li: Continuing China - U.S. Conversations    

  • 23rd National Catholic China Conference
    Experiencing Jesus Christ  through Chinese Eyes -      Continuing Conversations . . .
    Oct 3-5, 2008 - 
    OLS Conference Center, Belleville, Illinois

Keynote Speakers
Michel Marcil SJ, Executive Director of US Catholic China Bureau
Jean Paul Wiest, Director of Research at Beijing Center for Language and Culture

HUANG Jianbo, Professor at RenMin University, Beijing. Visiting Scholar at Harvard University

Liturgy Celebrant: Bishop Ignatius Wang, Diocese of San Francisco


Rev. Michel Marcil SJ: The Mission of the US Catholic China Bureau in Light of the Present Circumstances

Professor HUANG Jianbo: A Reflective Perspective on Christianity in Contemporary China


Jean Paul Wiest: The Pastoral Letter of Pope Benedict XVI Chinese Responses

Rev. John REN Da Hai: Christ as Immanuel in a Church of Harmony

Rev. Peter CHEN Tian Zhi: The Current Situation of Chinese Clergy

Sr. Li Na RONG: The Role of the Bible in Forming People of Authentic Faith in China

  • 22nd National Catholic China Conference
    Experiencing Jesus Christ  through Chinese Eyes
November 3-5, 2006 
Simpsonwood Conference Center, Atlanta, Georgia

Keynote Speakers
Rev. Enoch Wan                                          
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Western Seminary, Oregon
Rev. Joseph Zhang Wen Xi  
Xingtai Diocese, Hebei Province, PRC
Rev. Paul SHI Hui Min   
China Catholic Inst. of Philosophy & Theology

China conference

  • 21st National Catholic China Conference
    Growth of Christianity in China:
    Reality, Challenges, & Opportunities

    June 2005 - Seattle University, Seattle, Washington

Keynote Speakers
Lamin Sanneh, Professor of World Christianity, Yale Divinity School
Jeroom Heyndrickx, CICM, Ferdinand Verbiest Foundation, Leuven, Belgium
Liturgy Celebrant: Bishop Ignatius Wang, Diocese of San Francisco

Professor Lamin Sanneh: Caesar’s Bidding and Apostolic Injunction: The Church and the Winds of Change in China

Sr. Betty Ann Maheu, MM, Holy Spirit Study Center, Hong Kong: The Catholic Church in China: Journey of Faith An Update on the Catholic Church in China: 2005

Rev. Jeroom Heyndrickx CICM: Christianity in China is Growing to a New Level of Maturity

Rev. Ambrose WANG Aiming, Nanjing Theological Seminary: Growth of Christianity in China: A Protestant Perspective of Ecumenical Challenges and Opportunities

Caroline Fielder, Churches Together in Great Britain and Ireland: The Growth of the Protestant Church in China

Sr. Fabian HAN Feng Xia, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Liaoning Province: Growth of Christianity in China: Perspective of a Woman Religious of the Liaoning Diocese

  • 20th National Catholic China Conference
    The Role of Religion in China’s Emerging Civil Society

    November 14-16, 2003
    Global Conference Center, Maryknoll, New York

Keynote Speakers:
Professor Carol Lee Hamrin, George Mason University
Dr. Richard Madsen, Universtiy of California, San Diego
Professor Cunfu Chen, Zhejiang University


Rev. John Cioppa, MM, Holy Spirit Study Center, Hong Kong: THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN CHINA In an era of transition

Dr. Cunfu Chen: Impact of China’s Economic Development On Christian Communities In Zhejiang Province

Rev. Raphael Gao Chao Peng, Zhouzhi Diocese, Shaanxi Province: Marriage and Family in the Contemporary Rural Areas of Shaanxi: Traditions, Customs, and their Changes

Sr. Matthias Guo Xiao Ping, Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Liaoning Province: Promoting the well-being of Women: The Contribution of Women Religious in China to Societal Development

Dr. Richard Madsen: Religious Renaissance and the Growth of Civil Society in Greater China

Rev. John WANG He Ping, Beijing Diocese: The Possibility of How the Chinese Moral Theology Might Interpret and Understand the Universal Catholic Moral Teaching in the Chinese Context

  • 19th National Catholic China Conference
    Spiritual Growth and Social Change in China Today

    April 12-14, 2002 (Friday-Sunday)
    Divine Word International, Techny, Illinois



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